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Yes! Connect me with Merchant Cost Consulting to SAVE MORE on credit card processing fees!

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It starts with a free analysis. Send them the last three to six statements from your processor. They will find any hidden junk fees or exorbitant rates and estimate how much they can save you per month. If they can’t find savings, they will let you know. If they do, they can offer savings in three important categories.

First, they can go back in time and get your fees and overcharges refunded. Typically, they can go back one to three months. This, alone, can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Second, they negotiate away any junk fees and overcharges with your processor to get your processing fees to where they should be. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month, depending on your volume and existing fees.

Third, they monitor your credit card statements as they come in over the future. The credit card companies are known to slowly creep back up their junk fees and processing rates and even add new ones. This is the area that often surprises people. Even those who have renegotiated rates with their processors often find savings. That’s why MCC monitors your account. When your processor raises rates, they call them to refund the rates and keep your costs rock bottom.

If MCC finds no savings for you, you pay nothing. And you get to keep your fee evaluation and the comfort knowing that, at least in the present, your fees are as low as they can be. If they can find savings, you split the savings with them. While the industry standard for this service is to split those fees - at best case 50/50 - BUT with Bulletproof referral, it's 55/45- in your favor. The savings are calculated based on your current effective rate (e.g., 2.9%) and the effective rate they negotiate and defend on your behalf (e.g., 2.1%). They then calculate their fee based on your actual processing volume to ensure their fee is solely based on actual savings for each month compared to what it was before they started helping you.

We use them! ~Craig & Pete